Intel® vProTM Platform Technologies and FileFlexTM Enterprise deliver a new silicon-to-silicon, security-hardened, remote access, sharing and collaboration solution – No cloud required.

The rise of the mobile worker and their need for data continuity

Workplace acceptance of the mobile phone and tablet have brought disruptive change to the way modern workers work. The unparalleled need to access information anytime and anywhere is fueling the demand for content delivery in every sector. To be productive and work remotely on multiple devices, workers have turned to the cloud – and have inadvertently put the organization’s data security at risk.

Risks inherent with Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) and cloud solutions

Today Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP) and Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) services are essentially Clouds that provide IT with the oversight needed to address the issues of employees using public clouds. However, exisitng solutions rely on data duplication which increases the threat surface, complicates the storage infrastructure and shares governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) with a third party. Additionally, issues with data residency, jurisdiction, third-party inspection and secret access by law enforcement also increase. Finally, traditional cloud storage is an expensive subset of an organization’s storage, meaning critical information may not be available when needed. As such they may not be a suitable solution for organizations that have a lot of client-confidential information or that have to comply with data privacy regulations.

FileFlex Enterprise featuring Intel vPro platform hardened remote access, sharing and collaboration… no cloud required

Meet FileFlex Enterprise featuring Intel vPro platform hardened secure silicon-to-silicon remote access, sharing and collaboration that addresses the duplication, security and data residency related issues of Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), EFSS and Cloud solutions.


  • Uses source locations on existing storage
  • Hardened by the secure enclaves of Intel Software Guard Extensions
  • No duplication
  • Reduced threat surface
  • Simplified storage structure
  • GRC under user control
  • Sharing restricted to permitted contacts only
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Active Directory integration
  • Activity log
  • Aids GDPR and HIPAA compliance

The benefits of Intel vPro platform security hardening at the chip Level

The Intel vPro platform provides hardened crypto-functionality using Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) at the endpoint, ensuring that the keys remain protected both at rest and in use. It uses secure enclaves to provide added protections within the silicon itself against shared data being snooped or tampered with at any stage of access or transmission.

When organizations purchase personal computers based on the Intel vPro platform they are investing in the latest endpoint hardware-enhanced protections available. When used on an Intel vPro platform, FileFlex provides users secure silicon-to-silicon hardened remote access, sharing and collaboration of their files and folders from anywhere. It is the first solution of its kind that is security hardened at the chip-level, to provide an unmatched level of security to content sharing and collaboration.

The Intel vPro and FileFlex Difference

FileFlex Enterprise is differentiated from Content Collaboration Platforms, Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) and Cloud services because communications are secured at the hardware level with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and files are accessed from existing storage. Files stay in their source locations where they are originally stored, behind the firewall. Files are not copied or duplicated to secondary locations or third party servers – no Cloud is needed. Finally, unlike the Cloud, users can now remotely access ALL of their storage – not just a subset.

FileFlex … Lowering the Risk posture for the enterprise.

FileFlex Enterprise combined with the Intel vPro platform provides silicon hardened encrypted hybrid point-to-point communication with no duplication, no third parties, and all files are kept in source locations behind the firewal. This brings superior privacy and security and a significantly reduced threat surface along with a simplified storage structure and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) that is under the users control. And when you add sharing that is restricted to permitted contacts only, two-factor authentication, real-time activity logging, active directory integration and operation and incident management, you have a solution that offers confidentiality, integrity and availability capabilities (CIA) with minimal impact on existing processes and infrastructure.


FileFlex Enterprise allows for remote access and sharing hardened at the chip level using Intel SGX technology and ensuring files stay in their source locations, the files stay on-premise keeping them in-jurisdiction and data resident. No files are stored in the Cloud or with third-parties. This addresses the privacy issues caused by the use of Cloud storage, provides data residency and aids compliance with new privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Since FileFlex Enterprise provides an unmatched level of security, enabled in hardware by the Intel vPro platform, it is the ideal file sharing and collaboration tool for HIPAA Covered Entities and HIPAA Business Associates because the FileFlex Enterprise server is hosted either by the HIPAA Covered Entity itself or by the HIPAA Business Associate that provides FileFlex Enterprise to the HIPAA Covered Entity. No Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is subject to mandatory data transfer or storage to third parties.